Merging high-quality porcelain with passion and craftsmanship of the highest level, Loveramics Pro Tea Teapot series is the brainchild of award-winning ceramicist Simon Stevens.

The Pro Teapot’s ergonomic and appealing shape, comfortable handle and playful colour allows for even more fun when brewing and drinking your favourite tea.

The large stainless-steel filter and spacious interior of the teapot promote thorough extraction and infusion.

Pour 400ml of water over the required amount of loose leaf tea (please refer to brewing guidelines for the specific tea). Steep for the required time, then pour your tea. If you plan to drink two cups yourself, we'd recommend removing the stainless steel infuser after pouring your first cup, so your brew doesn't over steep, and you retain the best flavours of the tea.

All parts are removable and easily disassembled for easy cleaning.