Simple and fun to use, this stainless steel hanging robot makes a great loose-leaf buddy.
Spoon tea into his body and hang him in your mug for the desired time to infuse.
Perfect for the office, but keep your eye on him as he has been known to wander.
    • Open the body of the robot using his antennae
    • Add one heaped teaspoon of tea into his body and close him up
    • Adjust his arms to fit the sides of your mug so he doesn’t let go and pour hot water over him into your mug
    • Pull him out of his hot bath when your tea has infused for the desired time and he can sit on his included drip tray until you need him next
  • Height: approx. 6cm

    Stainless steel

  • Rooibos tea fans - as Rooibos tea leaves are so fine, some may escape through the infuser holes in Mr Robot into your tea. Don’t worry if this happens as the leaves will settle to the bottom of the cup after a few minutes and they are safe to consume, however if you want to assure a leaf free cup you may want to try the magic tea maker or handy tea pouches.