Become a Born Wild Tea Wholesale Partner

We know it's all about the customer's experience and we are here to help you bring fun and creativity into your tea menu that we know your customers will love! 

We are passionate about the quality and flavour of our teas and believe that together we can offer you a point of differentiation and your customers a memorable tea experience.

Premium Tea 

  • We are all about the quality of the leaf!  We go to great lengths to source premium quality, hand-picked loose leaf tea from sustainable tea plantations.
  • We have a large range of both classic and more unique tea blends designed with the customer's experience in mind. 

Personal Service

  • We are a young, flexible company and know the value of customer service.  We believe in building a partnership with you to help you create a leading tea offer.
  • When you become a wholesale partner with us you will receive specialised tea training (the fun stuff!) and continued support. 

Please enquire below to view our full range of wholesale tea blends for use in both retail and service. 

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