Our Story

Welcome to our little world of tea!

Nice to meet you

Above you can see myself and my partner Phil - the ball of fluff that you can also see is our adventurous dog, Oscar.

I decided to start Born Wild Tea after returning from working in Boston for a year. Phil and I had always loved a good brew but we were amazed at the variety and flavours of tea in the US and we fell in love with the healthy tea drinking culture. We learnt the benefits of drinking loose leaf tea over teabags and I found out why I had always disliked green tea (because I was burning the leaves with boiling water!). 

I was then on a mission, to bring the healthy loose leaf tea culture back to the UK. I had always wanted my own business and now I had that chance - to do something everyday that I was passionate about and share my love of tea with the world!  

We aim to... take over the world...

Well not really, our aims are a bit more down to earth - at Born Wild Tea we aim to modernise loose leaf tea, and to show that there is more to this much-loved beverage than meets the eye. Whether a classic morning brew, an afternoon tea latte, a refreshing iced tea cocktail in the sun, or a dozy herbal blend that will help you drop off at night, we believe tea has something to offer everyone.  

We also aim to drink lots of tea and have fun during the process of course... 

Modern tea blends

We go to great lengths to ensure that we provide the highest quality and sustainably sourced loose leaf tea blends. Our tea blends are chosen due to their unique flavour combinations, we want every cup to be a different and interesting experience. 

You can purchase our modern tea blends online, via our stockists or at in-home tea tasting parties.

If there is anything extra we can do for you, for example a custom gift sent to a friend - just get in touch with us - we are a small, independent company and are happy to help wherever we can. 


 "You were born wild - don't let them tame you"