A classic treat loved by people of all ages - these deliciouslly chewy, strawberry flavoured ropes are a staple in pick-and-mix sweet shops and supermarkets across the world. We've recreated this classic sweet in a tempting pick 'n' mix herbal blend of juicy apple, sweet strawberry, tangy hibiscus and rosehip.

This herbal infusion encompasses a delicious strawberry flavour that is both tangy and sweet, creating a mouthwatering sensation with every sip - leaving you craving more!

Tasting Notes: Strawberry & Cream

100°C + 1 heaped teaspoon + steep 3-4 minutes

Pour 250ml of 100°C water over 1 heaped teaspoon of loose leaf tea (approx. 3g of tea). Steep for 3-4 minutes, or until desired strength of brew.

Organic apple, hibiscus, rose hip, strawberry, natural flavouring, rose petals, bourbon vanilla
Naturally Caffeine Free