Our Tea Tourist Adventure

March 27, 2017

At the start of this year we teamed up with Tea Tourist, a wonderful loose leaf tea subscription service, to feature one of our unique tea blends within their January discovery box.

After much internal debate (it’s so hard to choose one tea!) we decided to send our fruity blend Reggae Refresh on its travels, to be sent out to all of Tea Tourist’s subscribers. Although it was a gloomy January we hoped that sending a little bit of sunshine in this Jamaican inspired blend would brighten people’s day!

So off Reggae Refresh went, packaged beautifully alongside other carefully selected artisan loose leaf tea blends, destination – tea lovers everywhere.

Over January and February we received so many great pictures, mentions and reviews of Reggae Refresh. It was so nice to hear that it did indeed give subscribers that warm summer feeling on a cold winters day. A big thanks to all of the bloggers who reviewed Reggae Refresh in their discovery box - below are some of their comments:

   “Fruit teas so often smell amazing and then are a sore disappointment on actual brewing. But not this one. This one makes good on its promises… Absolutely refreshing and a total tongue tingler!” – Tales from Foxglove Cottage

   “I am so very impressed with this tea and this really is a high recommendation from someone who has no particular loyalty to fruit tea - it really does have to be something special to impress me!” – Laura’s Tea Room

   “If you want a nice, refreshing tea, that is bursting with flavour and oozing with tastiness then I would say Reggae Refresh is the tea for you. This tea is summer in a cup and just about as perfect a fruit tea as you can get!” - Laura’s Tea Room

   “The combination of papaya, mango, banana and goji berries, plus lemongrass and ginger, was a disco in my mouth. It was fresh, wild and fruity; tasted distinctly like Drumstick lollipops (YUM!); and was a great afternoon refresher.” – The Tea Witch

   “It has an exciting zingy mango aroma to it with a hint of banana, giving it a wonderful tropical feel…The smell only gets more intense once you begin steeping it. It creates a beautiful yellow brew with a deeply satisfying lemongrass flavour, alongside a nice sweet fruitiness.” – Russtea's


(Beautiful pics above by Russtea's)

Yey to Reggae Refresh - job well done!

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