Born Wild Tea Review by Amy Lee

It makes our day to see a lovely review from a tea blogger, and this is one of those days! The wonderful Amy has written a review on her blog, Amyleecupoftea after trying a selection of our tea blends so if you're deliberating which teas to try, check out the review to get some ideas. 

For Amy there was one stand out blend which she referred to as tasting like an "autumn evening spent in front of an open fire place" (just thinking about this makes me want to put the kettle on). Amy's favourite was our herbal blend, 'Nutalicious', containing flaked and crushed almonds, sweet apple, cinnamon and beetroot. This was one of Amy's all time favourite teas that she'd ever tried - we love it too, and what better time of year for a cinnamon spiced tea. 

Amy also loved 'Reggae Refresh', saying it was one of the most tropical tasting teas she'd every tried and ranking it as one of her favourite ever iced teas. 

'Praline Brownies' was another hit, and Amy described it as tasting like a "nutty cereal, imagine Crunchy Nut with a bit of sweetener". 

Our herbal relaxation/sleepy tea, 'Do Not Disturb' went down a treat, Amy loved this blend due to its "beautiful mix of flavours and ingredients". This tea also helped Amy drift off, she mentioned "it's really unique to any other sleepy tea I have tried and it really works wonders with helping you drift off. 100% recommend this if you have trouble sleeping". 

Check out Amy's full Born Wild Tea review on her blog, where you will see all the lovely images Amy took (featured in this blog). 

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