Life Happens, Chocolate Tea Helps...

July 07, 2016

Chocolate in tea you say? How does that work? It just does!

Chocolate, in many different forms, can be added to loose leaf tea to enhance the flavour and sweetness of the cup. ‘Cacao’ or ‘Cocoa’, which are lesser processed forms of chocolate, are often added to tea to give a rich chocolate taste, with none of the added sugar or calories. You will likely spot ‘Cacao’ or ‘Cocoa’ on the shelves of health food shops as they are known to be a great source of nutrients and contain high levels of antioxidants.

Different types of teas work better as a base when adding ‘Cacao’ or ‘Cocoa’. Black, Rooibos and Herbal blends tend to compliment the taste of chocolate better than the more delicate Green and White loose leaf teas.

Although you wouldn’t normally think of brewing up when searching for a sweet treat, it’s a perfect alternative to lessen your sugar intake. Yes, sipping a cup of chocolate tea isn't quite the same as munching on your favourite chocolate bar, but it does help lessen that craving more than you may think.

Below are some of our chocolate tea options to browse. As you can see we love our loose leaf chocolate teas!

Tea Tip: With Rooibos and Herbal teas, the longer you leave the loose leaf to infuse, the stronger the flavour. So, brew Herbal and Rooibos chocolate teas extra long for a more intense chocolate taste!

For Coffee Lovers:

Vanilla Mocha’ Rooibos Tea

Combining cocoa peel, Rooibos tea, vanilla and a touch of ground coffee, this unique blend gives you a chocolate coffee taste with 90% less caffeine than your regular cup of coffee. Ironically, Vanilla Mocha contains approx. the same amount of caffeine as a chocolate bar!

Customer Review: “A lovely tea with a rich luxurious flavour” - Anne

For Plain Chocolate Lovers:

Speakeasy’ Black Tea

A fine Ceylon Black tea base with chocolate chunks and cacao nibs, this blend has hints of Irish cream, which is why we called it Speakeasy!

For the Chocolate and Strawberries Lovers:

Chocolate Strawberries’ Herbal Tea

A flavoursome Herbal blend with cocoa peel, strawberries, rose hip peel, and a sprinkle of hibiscus blossoms.

Customer Review: “The aroma of this tea is very chocolaty but as soon as you brew it and taste it, it literally tastes like chocolate covered strawberries” - Liv, Blogger

For the Nutty Chocolate Lovers:

Praline Brownies’ Rooibos Tea

An extra nutty blend of Rooibos, cocoa peel and pistachios. A full-bodied blend with a strong praline flavour and notes of dark chocolate. 

For Chocolate Chai Lovers:

Orange Choc Chai’ Herbal Tea

A rich chocolate chai with raw cacao nibs, sweet orange, cinnamon and ginger.

Customer Review: “Firstly, this tea smells amazing! As soon as I opened the pouch, I knew I was going to love it. But not only does it smell great, it tastes just as good too. The cacao nibs make this a really indulgent drink, I'm definitely going to be reaching for this when I need a chocolate fix" – Emily

For the Mint Chocolate Lover:

Mint Choc Chip’ Rooibos Tea

A blend of Rooibos, raw cacao nibs and spearmint. An extra minty chocolate taste with none of the calories.

“This is absolutely delicious! Minty and delicate with an almost caramel flavour from the rooibos” – Sacha

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